A Beginner’s Guide: Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale



Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale, which will be referenced to more commonly as APS, is one of my favorite times of the year (after Christmas, Disney trips, and my birthday of course). APS is a semi-annual sale, hosted once in January and once in August. Lilly doesn’t announce exact dates until a few days before, so at this point we can only speculate!

The significance of this sale is huge. Lilly products NEVER go on sale except if you’re local Lilly retailer happens to have a sale rack with a piece or two on it. Customers go absolutely insane for this two day, semi-annual sale, and in all honesty, I don’t blame them. The discounts are incredible!

Prices are typically around 50%, but it’s not surprise to see them even bigger. Last year, I bought a pearl lace shift for only $69! Popovers were around $59, and I got shorts for around $30.

APS Dresses, edited

In past years, Lilly has released exclusive content with a few bloggers ahead of time so they can “leak” some of the items included in the sale. While other bloggers can speculate what may be on sale, no one can officially say unless Lilly has told them directly. A majority of the prints you will see on sale are any prints that have been removed from Lilly’s website between January-present. It is rare that current season prints will be included in the sale. In addition to all of Lilly’s usual products, many Gift With Purchase (GWP) exclusives may also be included to clear the warehouses of these extras. 

Now that you have an idea of what the sale is, I’ll share my top tips to mastering the sale!

Be Prepared To Wait

The APS sale starts promptly at 8 am EST, although hours for signature stores may vary based on your location. In order to prevent their website from crashing, Lilly has a virtual line system. Right at 8 am EST, you want to refresh your webpage or app to officially “get in line”.  From there, you will be assigned a guest number and be given an estimate of how long you may have to wait to access the sale. Last August, I refreshed my screen at just the right second that I was in within  less than a minute and had already made my first purchase by 8:05! This is very rare, and in January I waited almost 4 hours to get into the sale!

Plan Ahead

If at all possible, I highly suggest going to Lilly and trying on products so you know what sizes you need. APS is strictly no returns or exchanges-absolutely everything is final sale so if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it Ebay is your best luck. If you’re like me, the closest Lilly signature store is 2 hours away (terrible-I know!). Take measurements a few days before and compare them with Lilly’s sizing charts to gurantee the best fit.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.01.29 AM.png

Set A Budget

While shopping APS, I always get a huge rush of adrenaline and never seem to think straight. I see good prices on so much that I want it all. It’s important to set s budget for yourself to avoid overspending. Give yourself an initial budget for general shopping and then I always add about $100 to that in case I find anything I’m DISO.

Shop Both Days

Just because you shopped the first day, finest mean you got all the deals! On the second day of APS, Lilly releases more items to the sale. Last year I checked APS on the second day later in the morning and found that it was far easier to get in and the newly added products were still in stock for the majority. The earlier in the day you shop, the more likely items in your size will be available.


Make An Online Account

Two nights before APS last August, I went on Lilly’s website and confirmed that my online account had my address and credit card information so that when checking out during the sale I only had to place my order  rather than continuously typing in that information. Make a point to do it sooner than later though, because the site does shut down the night before the sale.

Check Lilly’s Instagram Hourly

I realize that this one sounds a little obsessive, but you can believe me. Last August, they announced new sales almost every hour via their Instagram account. If you weren’t on top of these hourly sales, you may miss out on great sales for items your in search of (ISO).

IG Story Flash Sales APS


Use Multiple Devices

Try shopping on as many devices as you can. I used my computer, iPad, and the app on my phone and got extrmely different wait times on each one. I also found that the app’s line consistently was shorter than the line on their website.

Make Multiple Purchases

This is possibly one of the best tips to use for the APS sale. When something is in your cart, it isn’t necessarily reserved for you. By the time you get to check out, everything in your cart may have already sold out. If you find something you like, buy it right away! Put it in your cart & check out-don’t take the time to browse eveyrhting on sale and take the chance of missing out on a deal on a piece you love. Keep in mind that all APS shipping is completely free!

Lilly aps january deals


Check Signature Stores & Online Retailers

Remember that your local signature Lilly Pulitzer store along with other online retailers will also be having deals for APS. Since I don’t have a local Lilly store, I shopped on some signature stores websites or called in to inquire about specific items availability.  In addition, I purchased from other websites too such as 6pm and Amazon.

I hope this guide helps your APS shopping! Leave your questions or comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!

Have a sunny day,



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