Intro To My Blog & Top Ten Favorite Brands

Hi lovelies!

I’m very excited to finally be starting a blog. For years now, I’ve been reading countless different blogs and dreaming of the day I would start my own. That time has finally come, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I aspire to include a variety of post types on here ranging from organization, study tips, outfits, and travel, but most of all I want to have fun sharing my experiences and tips with you all!

To help you better get to know me, I’ve decided to include my top ten favorite brands on here. These are brands whose websites I most frequently find myself on and purchase items from. Hope you enjoy the list!

Top Ten Favorite Brands

  1. J. Crew / J. Crew Factory It’s almost a gurantee that I’ll be on one of J. Crew’s websites at least once a day. I have a serious addiction. Their pieces are all such classics in any wardrobe. My favorite purchases from there are their vests-they make the perfect winter layer!
  2. Lilly Pulitzer  Lilly Pulitzer clothes are by far my favorite, and if they weren’t so expensive I would have my closet full of them. All of their items add such a fun pop of color to any outfit.
  3. L. L. Bean They’re another company with some great staple pieces. Their styles can be worn for years. If you were to buy only one item from them, I highly suggest their bean boots. They’re some of the comfiest shoes I own and gurantee my survival through winter.
  4. Old Navy  I know there are some people who complain about the quality and fit of Old Navy, but I’ve had a lot of luck from there over the year. Their clothes are relatively inexpensive, and I enjoy the fun florals a lot of their pieces have.
  5. American Eagle I’m not a huge fan of all their styles, but their t-shirts are insanely soft. I also happen to get all my jeans from here and love that they’re good quality and not over $100. They also have super comfy but stylish cardigans that I can’t get enough of.
  6. Vineyard Vines  I only have a few pieces from them, but am very impressed with what I have. All of their items are high quality, which one would assume since the prices are so high. I received my first ever shep shirt from them just two weeks ago, and I have already worn it multiple times!
  7. Jack Rogers  I feel like there’s a big divide in the preppy world between those who wear Jacks versus Palm Beach Sandals. I can’t validly add to this, because I haven’t worn Palm Beach Sandals before but my Jacks are honestly so comfy. I purchased them last spring and wore them everyday this past summer because they go with everything.
  8. Francesca’s I have never seen a piece of theirs that I don’t like. Their pieces are so unique and add a fun variety to my closet. I’m also obsessed with their jewerly-so many pretty stones and hints of sparkle!
  9. Dry Good’s  Dry Good’s has a very similiar style to Francesca’s clothing. Lots of unique pieces, fun scarves, and stylish jewrly. Fun fact-I got my homecoming dress from them the past two years in a row!
  10. Kate Spade What would be a favorites list wihtout Kate Spade? I got my first Kate Spade purse for Christmas this year but have been drooling over my friends’ pieces from them for years. While expensive, their pieces are all so fun and high quality. I look forward to making more purchases from them.

Well, there’s my list. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know some of your favorite brands below in the comments!

Thanks for reading!




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